Shawn Kerns
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1. [family videos] I was born and aised in Ohio. [Marietta videos] In college I met Johnny Z [drawing]. He was outgoing, where as I was shy. We became great friends. I graduated college in 1999 with an art degree and was making money using the Internet. Z called me in 2001 to come with him to South Korea and play in his rock band. I instantly stopped what I was doing and left for Korea with him.

2. In the band I played on the bass, Z sang and Johnny’s friend from Atlanta, Clay played the guitar. And we were Smells like Otto’s Jacket. We never had a regular drummer, a New Zealand guy named Alex, was really good, and we had a Korean drummer Kim, and a Canadian drummer, Kevin, he made an album with us. But the Z, Clay and I were together… most of the time. Enjoying the situations, the opportunities and rewards brought forth of drugs, sex, conversations, connections, money and fame. It was a rock star life style most of the time.

3. Smells like Otto’s Jacket, had a regular gig every Friday night in at The Underground. The Undergraound was a popular bar in a rich suburb of Seoul. My life as a rock star began there.And I’d be lying if I said I only indulged a little, because I consumed like a mad man.

4. Now this is where my sketchbooks start to tell a different story. A love story. I met Young Lahn, dancing in a nightclub in Seoul. She was a beautiful young university student. A few weeks later I met her again at another nightclub dancing and we started seeing each other regularly after that. When I wasn’t practicing, drawing or painting my time consisted of hanging out with Young Lahn. She was studying Korean literature at the famous Hongik University Art School.

To make is short. I became famous, spent all my money, not famous anymore, got married, went to grad school, had kids, worked at the art museum, now a full time artist.