Shawn Kerns
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Rust Drawings are created by extracting rust from the Mustang and used as the medium. My first drawing was done with differential grease, transmisssion fluid, grim and Ford engine red paint. All parts are dissassembled, cleaned, custom painted then reassembled.

The 67 Mustang Project

My aspiration with my mustang project started with stories told to me by my uncle Kevin when I was 5 years old, about how grandpa bought my dad as a present for when he graduated college, a 67 mustang. My Uncle Kevin became the starting quarterback for his high school football team and as a reward my Grandpa let him drive around the car. 67 was the year my father graduated from college. My dad was four years older then my Uncle Kevin. My Uncle Kevin crashed the car, my dad never received it, and my Uncle died. I found the broken down 67 mustang in a junk yard. It is the rust in my drawings. The grease in my fingers. The medium for this project.

Shawn Kerns - November 13, 2019