Shawn Kerns
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The Art Handler is a transcendence of disciplines. Trans-disciplinary boundaries are blurred into post-disciplinary realities. In a practice that is part fancy and part social commentary, The Art Handler work spans across a spectrum of creative mediums exploring how identity is informed by power and art. The Art Handler seeks to empower and give voice to the powerless and combat systems of oppression, focusing on the joy and pain in an art museum.

The Art Handler is a post-disciplinary presentation documenting an investigation into museum vivaciousness. The drawing books are an exploration of the intimacy between the art handler and the art at the museum.  The books develop into the conversation by supporting the integration of self-compassion and resilience informing and entwining when presented with the documentary, The Art Handler. The culmination of the art handler moves between fun and fear, hardships and vision, by imagining new ways of being one with the museum.

The Art Handler embraces the flaws and imperfections of the museum treating it with care to yield something stronger and more beautiful than what existed before. The documents presented in the court case by the National Labor Relations Board, marked on by the artist with images exposes the harsh experiences revealing an opportunity for transformation. The Art Handler emerges into the possibility to develop a differing experience.

The Art Handler guides our attention to the exposure of beauty through vulnerability, and allows us to be part of an experience.  The drawings on gold leaf paper, emblematic as a throwaway paper spaced between leaves of gold to be applied to shiny frames hanging on the museum walls, suggests that however powerful the museum may be, that power is not with out fragility, vulnerability, and markings.

Privacy and the right to record