Shawn Kerns
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Mustang Appropriation – Trans-disciplinary boundaries are blurred into post-disciplinary realities. The 1967 Ford Mustang is American nostalgia, and the Hydrated iron oxide taken from the car’s aging body is nostalgic. Rust is brushed on paper appropriating the decay into a medium for drawing. As the car taken apart, cleaned, painted and reassembled a spectrum of mediums presented themselves for exploration and new identity.

Grease, Grime, and Years of Decay, became a post-disciplinary embracement of the aging flaws and imperfections. Transformed from car to paper.

The Differential, Transmission, Drive train, Engine, Interior, Suspension, Brakes, Steering, and Exhaust were taken apart, cleaned, reassembled, painted then reinstalled. Yielding an exploration of mediums. Exploring a Differential, documents the materials, paint, cleaner, and car parts and becomes a transcendence of disciplines.

Exposure of beauty through vulnerability exposes the conversion of the car’s interior to welcome a transformation of new and appropriated reality.

67 Mustang Appropriation